Get On the Bunk Bed Set


Stacking objects is one thing, but … Stacking beds one on top of the other? No doubt who invented it was a true genius. And to that anonymous hero, who surely gave more to the human race than all the Marvel superheroes together, we pay our respects and this brief gallery of bunk bed set that will make us dream from the top. The simplest thing is to start with a classic among classics. Bunk beds car-bed style, completely inspired by trains. Or was it the other way around? What we do know is that its design is both functional and aesthetic.

The symmetry brings order and the format fits perfectly with any type of room, however small it may be. And despite the space saving of a bunk, it is not always possible to have two beds in sight without that turning our room into a shoe box. Following the line of duplicate ideas, from the built-in bed we went to the built-in bunk. A solution not to do without this queen of beds without that we eat half a bedroom under the sheets.

Few things shake the foundations of the world more, as we know it now, than the disputes over who sleeps in the upper bunk. It’s a great invention, wonderful and full of charm … except if you’re the one in the bed below. Authentic duels, practically with sword, have been beaten in the rooms of half the world to decide who crowned the heights and who stayed close to the ground.

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